Sunday, November 17, 2013

Tribute to Lis

Tribute to Lis
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This is the most difficult post I have written.

Lis the co-founder of the Daring Kitchen die suddenly a few days ago.

My first challenge (eclairs)

I first joined the Daring Bakers in August 2008 a little in trepidation and in awe of the baking skills shown in the forums. I remember my first challenge I made cherry flavoured eclairs and after I posted the results I received such encouraging and kind comments I was so impressed and inspired to continue improving my skills. The forums were full of people all dedicated to baking and to making a loving community joined together by Lis and Ivonne (the co-founders of the Daring Bakers). Lis was such a inspiring person she was the driving force of the evolution of the Daring Bakers into the Daring Kitchen (consisting of the Daring Bakers and Daring Cooks challenges).

Over the years I got to know Lis very well, her wicked down-to-Earth humour had me in stitches on so many occasions her kind gentle manner and warm soul always shone through she was such an inspiration and a force of nature in the baking world.

When I hear the news of her sudden passing away I was in shock and literally broken hearted. I'm so sad over the news.

To be honest I'm finding this too difficult to write.

Lis was instrumental in my becoming a better baker and cook, her spirit will always be remember and honoured by me. From now on whenever I make pavlova I will think of her since she was intrigued and fascinated by the Australian version.

Here is a link to her obituary