Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Trip to Dublin Ireland

My trip to Dublin Ireland

Dublin is full it is a small city everything is crowded together its people, its buildings and its roads. O'Connell Street is the main street it has a 60 metre metal spike that dominates the street. The people crowd the streets during the day and the pubs at night. I stayed on Bachelor's Walk on the River Liffey right in the heart of Dublin. I was disappointed because it didn't rain while I was in Ireland I was hoping for the famous Irish rain, Sydney has been so dry and hot. Everywhere you see references to Dublin's writers James Joyce etc...And a big thank you to Anne and Amanda for helping me to get to Dublin for my job interview!

Where I stayed Abbey Court on Bachelor's Walk (notice sunny)

The Oldest Pub in Dublin Brazen Head Inn 1198 (notice not raining)

My first Guinness and the aftermath

The Metal Spike on O'Connell Street

The O'Connell Momument 1882 (note the blue skies)

The River Leffey (notice the bright light and blue skies)

Grafton Street full of people

Dublin's many churches
St. Catherine Church 1769

St. Patrick's 1192

Trinity College

St. Stephen's Green 1663 (More bloody bright sunlight)

The home of Guinness

James Joyce Statue

The Dublin Theatre festival Delirium

The Dublin Theatre festival was on and I ask to see a play and the lady behind the counter said “Do you want one with dialogue” well being a little conservative when it comes to plays I picked one with dialogue called Delirium. Here is the blurb

“If there is no God, everything is permitted...”

The Abbey Theatre presents a daring adaptation of Dostoevsky's classic tale of family rivalries, created by renowned Irish playwright Enda Walsh (Disco Pigs, Bedbound, The Walworth Farce) and the award-winning theatre O.

From its explosive opening, this bold and muscular interpretation demands you sit up and take notice!

The Karamazovs are a train wreck waiting to happen. A hated father and his sons battle it out over women, money and God. Uncompromising and on the edge, they don't so much live as burn up. 

Hilarious, brutal and tragic, Delirium pulsates with energy, bursting at the seams with barely controlled passions as emotion and intellect battle for stage time. Questions of faith and fundamentalism play out against unrequited love and a lust for life in a world that's losing its moral and ethical boundaries.

It was above average and I enjoyed the talking even if it is frowned upon.


glamah16 said...

I hope it all works out for you over there!I think its fun you were hoping for rain. The grass is always greener...

Anonymous said...

Loved all of your pictures! Ireland looks beautiful and I hope to visit it some day. I hope your interview went well - good luck!

Anonymous said...

Glad yo had a good tim got the job? Things have been busy here, but I did manage a post.

Anonymous said...

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