Wednesday, January 13, 2010

January Daring Cooks' Challenge Satay

January Daring Cooks' Challenge Satay

The January 2010 DC challenge was hosted by Cuppy of Cuppylicious and she chose a delicious Thai-inspired recipe for Pork Satay from the book 1000 Recipes by Martha Day.

Thank you cuppy for a marvellous challenge.

This month's challenge is all about marinating and making satay – we where allowed to use any meat or vegan option we wanted so I thought I would do three meats and tofu (I love tofu). The marinating recipe was a very good base (except for the use of cumin which I found very strange which I omitted) I added a lot of mint, chillies, coriander, kacup manis, tamarind and fish sauce to the marinade it was delightful. To the peanut sauce I again added mint, chillies, coriander, kacup manis, palm sugar and fish sauce just to give it some extra punch.

I think that the recipes given are more Thai-inspired than true Thai but they would be great for naïve tasters and would be a gentle introduction to this flavoursome cuisine.

First Batch Chicken Satay
What a fabulous and super-quick recipe I did chicken thighs satay 18 hour-marinade I did the marinade I couldn't bring myself to put in cumin so I replaced it with more ginger, lemongrass, chillies, katcup manis, fish sauce and palm sugar. It was fabulous.

Then I grilled (broiled) them in the oven-griller I found out my BBQ is broken!!! Then to the peanut satay I used the recipe but used a handful of chopped coriander and mint, 1 tbsp palm sugar and one red chilli again I couldn't bring myself to use cumin so I added some ginger, lemongrass, coriander, hot chillies, 1 tbsp lime juice and 3 Tbsp of sweet chilli sauce to the satay, it was so so delicious and exactly the way I like.

The 'BBQed' chicken skewers


The peanut satay sauce with plenty of coriander, mint, chillies, sweet chilli sauce

Second Batch of satay, tofu
The marinated tofu 2 hours

The 'BBQed' tofu it was delicious

Third Batch of satay kangaroo
Kangaroo is a very low-fat only needs a very short marinade time 30 mins

Kangaroo satay

Kangaroo BBQed tastes very much like a mouthwatering version of rare roast beef (most people cannot tell the difference) I make spaghetti bolognese and roo meatballs often and always get rave reviews about it, in my 'spag bol' I always add some grated roasted beetroot which really adds a depth of flavour and colour that is very appealing to the sauce. Kangaroo cooks in no time at all (great for BBQs) it is very low in fat and high in nutritents so is a 'healthy' meat and is much cheaper than beef.

The kangaroo was absolutely delicious I will be making this again and again.

Fourth batch veal 6 hours


Satay Recipe and notes

The key to a great marinade is to have an acid (lemon, lime, brine, soy, vinegar, etc) and an oil (peanut, vegetable, corn, olive, etc). If you’re already working with a soft meat (filet mignon) or vegetable (capsicum) or tofu, then you can skip the oil entirely. Potatoes and tofu still need to be marinated for flavour, otherwise you may as well dip French fries in catsup. If you're going to grill, I suggest you include the oil anyway.

Depending on the ingredients you select,
Time Table





30 min.

4 – 24 hrs

20 min.


30 min.

6 – 24 hrs

20 min.


30 min.

2 – 12 hrs

10 – 15 min.


5 - 10 min.

2 hrs

5 - 10 min.


5 - 10 min.

2 hrs

5 - 10 min.

Satay Marinade

1/2 small onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, crushed
1 T ginger root, chopped (optional) (2 cm cubed)
2 T lemon juice (1 oz or 30 mls)
1 T soy sauce (0.5 oz or 15 mls)
1 tsp ground coriander (5 mls)
1 tsp ground cumin (5 mls)
1/2 tsp ground turmeric (2-2.5 mls)
2 T vegetable oil (or peanut or olive oil) (30 mls)
1 pound of pork (loin or shoulder cuts) (16 oz or 450g)

Feeling the need to make it more Thai? Try adding a dragon chili, an extra tablespoon of ginger root, and 1 tablespoon (0.5 oz or 15 mls) of fish sauce. (I keep some premature (still green) dragon chili peppers in the freezer for just such an occasion.)

1a. Cheater alert: If you have a food processor or blender, dump in everything except the pork and blend until smooth. Lacking a food processor, I prefer to chop my onions, garlic and ginger really fine then mix it all together in a medium to large bowl.
2a. Cut pork into 1 inch strips.
3a. Cover pork with marinade. You can place the pork into a bowl, cover/seal and chill, or place the whole lot of it into a ziplock bag, seal and chill.

4. If using wooden or bamboo skewers, soak your skewers in warm water for at least 20 minutes before preparing skewers.
5. Gently and slowly slide meat strips onto skewers. Discard leftover marinade.*
6. Broil or grill at 290°C/550° F (or pan fry on medium-high) for 8-10 minutes or until the edges just start to char. Flip and cook another 8-10 minutes.

* If you’re grilling or broiling, you could definitely brush once with extra marinade when you flip the skewers.

Peanut Sauce

3/4 cup coconut milk (6 oz or 180 mls)
4 Tbsp peanut butter (2 oz or 60 mls)
1 Tbsp lemon juice (0.5 oz or 15 mls)
1 Tbsp soy sauce (0.5 oz or 15 mls)
1 tsp brown sugar (5 mls)
1/2 tsp ground cumin (2.5 mls)
1/2 tsp ground coriander (2.5 mls)
1-2 dried red chilies, chopped (keep the seeds for heat)

1. Mix dry ingredients in a small bowl. Add soy sauce and lemon, mix well.
2. Over low heat, combine coconut milk, peanut butter and your soy-lemon-seasoning mix. Mix well, stir often.
3. All you’re doing is melting the peanut butter, so make your peanut sauce after you’ve made everything else in your meal, or make ahead of time and reheat.

Pepper Dip (optional)

4 Tbsp soy sauce (2 oz or 60 mls)
1 Tbsp lemon juice (0.5 oz or 15 mls)
1 tsp brown sugar (5 mls)
1-2 dried red chillies, chopped (keep the seeds for heat)
1 finely chopped green onion (scallion)

Mix well. Serve chilled or room temperature.

Tamarind Dip (optional)

4 Tbsp tamarind paste (helpful link below) (2 oz or 60 mls)
1 Tbsp soy sauce (0.5 oz or 15 mls)
1 clove of garlic, minced
1 finely chopped green onion (scallion)
1 tsp brown or white sugar, or to taste (about 5 mls)

Mix well. Serve chilled or room temperature.


TaGa_Luto said...

I'm the first to comment!!;=) It's still 10 am wednesday the 13th here. I'm doing my version today. Your satay looks delicious. I wonder how the kangaroo meat would taste like, is there any meat you can compare it w/?

Audax said...

Thank for your comment TaGa Luto.

Kangaroo BBQed tastes very much like a mouthwatering version of rare roast beef (most people cannot tell the difference) I make spaghetti bolognese and roo meatballs often and always get rave reviews about them, in my 'spag bol' I always add some grated roasted beetroot which really adds a depth of flavour and colour that is very appealing to the sauce. Kangaroo cooks in no time at all (great for BBQs) it is very low in fat and high in nutritents so is a 'healthy' meat and is much cheaper than beef.

Isabelle Lambert said...

j'adore les satays, Audax ! je n'ai malheureusement jamais goûter à la viande de kangourou, mais on m'a dit que c'était très bon ! etk, tes satays sont très appétissants :)

Jo said...

Hi Audax, great satays and everything looks delicious. I had kangaroo meat a long time ago and I must say it was pretty tasty.

Asha @ FSK said...

Oh audax!.. you create such yummy delights every time!!! :))) such an inspiration!

cuppy said...

"I think that the recipes given are more Thai-inspired than true Thai but they would be great for naïve tasters and would be a gentle introduction to this flavoursome cuisine. "

Yes. :) I tried to make that clear at the top of my challenge, but I'm not sure anyone read it! ;D hehehe

You are absolutely fabulous, and your satay looks wonderful. Seeing your post uplifts my spirits on this challenge. I wanted to leave very little room for people to avoid the recipe, and seeing your post reaffirms my confidence in the decision to pick satay. When it comes to "cook it on a stick", the possibilities truly are endless, and I love that you thought out of the box and changed the recipes. Thank you!!!!!

Begoña said...

How many kinds of Satays!!!!! They look all great. The most surprises me is that kangaroo meat. In Spain I'm not sure that I can find it ....
Un saludo, Begoña

Anonymous said...

I had not thought of kangaroo - but I definitely want to give that a go now!

Barbara Bakes said...

The kangaroo satay looks especially delicious! Makes me wish I'd tried beef. Great job!

Esther said...

Fantastic. Love the idea of kangaroo! I liked the mix with the spices as is.. wasn't exactly standard thai but went down very well with my less spice loving family members and the peanut sauce was really good you should try it.. It's different but still good.

Unknown said...

Hey Audax

Thanks for your comment. I like the kangaroo, it's not a meat that I'm fond of, but I may give it another go satayed.

Miriam said...

Wonderful array of satay varieties! I did the pork only and I've definitely got to try some other meat. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Your satays look amazing - very impressed with how many you made as well! Good to see you are spreading the word on kangaroo meat - we cook with it at home quite a bit and its great, good flavour, inexpensive, keeps a while and lower in fat than other red meat!
Interesting to see you modified the marinade - we also used a different recipe for the challenge, based on a recipe from the wonderful Thai restaurant, Spirit House!


Anonymous said...

Love your additions to the marinade, especially the mint. Excellent work on all the different versions. I am not a fan of tofu and you actually managed to make it look appetizing.

After seeing the kangaroo photos, I am convinced that I would eat it all the time if I lived on your side of the Earth.

Wic said...

as always it is all delicious looking and wow did you answer this challenge.
I think there must be a stick shortage in Australia now that you had a go at them.

Kris Ngoei said...

Audax, you have the most variety of satays. Excellent!

Never tried kangaroo meat, but definitely would whenever the opportunity knocks.... for that reason maybe I should go to australia??

Sawadee from Bangkok,

penny aka jeroxie said...

Good on you for making so many different types of satay. Good job!

takumi said...

Hi Audax... thanks for your comment and visiting my blog.

I use a Canon EOS-400D.. so that probably accounts for the nice photos.. :)

I think the next time I make these.. I'll be trying them out with Roo meat.. :P

Confession Nook said...

wow! You are top-notched as always! Daring Cook indeed having three meats and tofu! I wonder who ate all of it..hmmm...=) I want to apply as a taste tester with the kangaroo meat...i haven't tried that one yet..=D

Hats down..=)

Winnie said...

Incredible job, as always...
I am very intrigued by the kangaroo...quite certain I won't find that here in upstate NY, though :) Our version is the ubiquitous deer, I guess!

Lisa said...

OH.MY, there ever a time when you don't rock a challenge? I think not! What a gorgeous array of satay perfection, and the kangaroo is definitely the most original take on this challenge! Amazing job as always, Aud!

Lauren said...

Interesting. It never occurred to me that people would eat kangaroos. Then again, I doubt I've ever seen one in real life so there's the answer to that mystery =D.

You've done an amazing job Audax. You always raise the bar and make me much more excited to see what can be done with the recipe provided!

Sue said...

You are amazing! I might have to write a poem about you (and the kangaroo) haha. I love your photos - really beautiful.
It is always a pleasure to visit your blog.

Evelyne@Cheap Ethnic Eatz said...

Wow, your variety and creativity never ceases to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

I'm so impressed! I'd love to try the kangaroo satay, it looks delicious!

Rose said...

Audax! Hello! That tofu looks amazing!!! As usual your array of delights is tantalizing. I've been out of the Daring Kitchen too long and I'm coming back ;) Hope you are well! xo, Rose

Denise said...

Audax - Wonderful, comprehensive post, with amazing flavor combinations, as usual! Kangaroo sounds interesting, as does the veal. Cheers to you!

Angelica said...

I always look forward to seeing what you've whipped up, audax! all the different kinds of satay you made look great. And crazy how you use kangaroo meat! wow, i wonder how that taste like...!

Cookinva said...

Audax, your satay kangaroo completely blew my mind off. I have never thought about eating kangaroo and now I'll have to find out where to try one (aside from going to Australia). Fantastic photos and variety!

Anna said...

I had to eat satay for a month or so! to make all those versions :)
Great job - everything looks sooo delish... Kangaroo - I would like to try that!
Cheers :) Anula.

Jenny said...

What a great variety of satay! I have never tried kangaroo (for some reason we don't get that here in Sweden - strange! LOL :)) but I would love to try it! Wonderful job as always Audax!

Rosemary & Garlic said...

Kangaroos? Who knew.

Simones Kitchen said...

Ah... you wouldn't be you if you didn't at least make several versions of this! It looks wonderful Audax all those different satay versions!! Love it!

Dips said...

My oh my ! What a veritable feast..and all of it looks scrumptious :)

LittleRed said...

Your satays all look delicious. Your interesting assortment has now tempted me to try some other variations that I might not have thought of. Now I know what to do with the moose meat my neighbour gave me:) I actually bought some extra firm tofu today just to try, and after seeing your I can hardly wait. Thanks for an entertaining and informative post!

Sarah said...

Kangaroo! That is exotic! Wonderful satays!

Food Fascination said...

I have got to try the Kangaroo!!! Looks Yummy!

Eve said...

Wow, it all looks so good! Also, I had no idea you could eat kangaroo.. but I guess, why not? We Swedes eat moose, bear and reindeer. :)

Margie said...

I love your embellishments to the marinades and sauces. You're obviously past the "gentle introduction" phase. Every version of your satay looks as good as the next. Thanks for the lesson in RooQ.

Silke said...

I ate kangaroo a few times like a steak and I really liked the flavour. But I love that you made them into satays! I am trying this for sure!

pigpigscorner said...

Wow! They all look so tender and juicy esp the kangaroo!well done! Lemongrass should be a nice addition.

Marisa said...

Wow, your selections look great! I would be quite keen to try the tofu too, maybe next time.

First time I heard that you could eat kangaroo meat (although if I say it out loud it sounds kinda obvious now). It sounds very similar to our ostrich meat in South Africa - also very lowfat and similar in taste to beef.

Will definitely put 'roo meat on my to-taste list if one day I'm in Australia.

natalia said...

Dear Audax you are amazing for me !! I'd love to live in your neighborhood !!! I'd visit daily !!! Ciao

Elenaki said...

You are just fantastic! Your satay looks so good! I couldn't make myself prepare it - just hate the idea:) I'm still thinking about vegetable satay, but it's a bit late.

Khadija El Mary said...

Hi Audax,
I'm speechless! What a lovely variety of Satay! they all look so delicious including the sauce! Great presentation too.
Next time I will try beef Satay.

NKP said...

We can always trust you to rock the challenge! I love all your variations.

Katia said...

A satay fiesta !! Great ! :) Kangaroo meat is quite hard to find in Canada but I had it once or twice and loved it. I love the idea to make satays with it !

Dani said...

I would love to have the chance to try kangaroo! Your photos are lovely :)

Lo said...

Amazing job! Kudos for the creativity with the kangaroo (that's one I haven't tried -- but I'd definitely be game!) Lovely presentation too!

nikki said...

Your tofu satay is making me weak in the knees, send me a batch asap (please)...

sarah @ syrupandhoney said...

Thanks for recommending the addition of cilantro and mint - truly transformed the dish!

mub said...

I think it's so awesome that you did Kangaroo! I'd love to try that someday =D

Valérie said...

Haha, only in Australia would kangaroo have been an option! As always, you have surprised us, and you have done an amazing job on this challenge! Your meat is so beautifully cooked!

I didn't think of it at the time, but I guess cumin isn't very Thai, but rather Indian. Still, it's one of my favourite spices, and I thought it went well with the other ingredients. But you are correct, the recipe was Thai-inspired, not authentic Thai. But as long as the food is good... :-)

rcakewalk said...

All of your satays look wonderful, but what I really think is the most beautiful pic is that peanut sauce! Great work! I'm going to have to try these recipes for sure.

Maria Beatrix said...

Hi, Audax.

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

You're amazing. Kangoroo? Wow! Now i'm dying to taste it. Great job, as always.

Elle said...

Gorgeous satays Audax and it was vrey fun to read about the 'roo satay. Great that you included the original recipe,but the additions/substitutions you made sound awesome, too. The tofu look the most interesting...and I don't usually like tofu. :)

Anonymous said...

Mmm, your tofu looks great too! (Thanks for the comment!)

I love how it looks on the skewers... will definitely have to do the recipe again and try it that way. Maybe with veggies, mmm.

Steph said...

I would love to try kangaroo. Everything looks really good. I can't believe I used to hate satay when I was younger.

Sarah said...

Your peanut sauce sounds mouthwatering, even though I like cumin, as does the kangaroo. Thanks for commenting!

Monkeyshines in the Kitchen said...

Audax - always a pleasure to read about your delicious creations! Kangaroo sounds interesting - we did not try it on our one and only visit to Australia but will make a point of doing so next time.

Faery said...

Wow great variety as always, the satay look delicious.
Kangaroo???, I didn't know they could be eaten... I love them, like the one in the movie kangaroo Jack :)

Olga said...

Thank you for such a nice comment on my post!!! I'm touched.

Wow, kangaroo? Have never tried it. You always go all out!!!

Janet said...

Hi Audax, thanks for the lovely comment. Your post is terrific, the tofu looks especially yummy. My honey Dave Pataky has been helping me with the pics. I'll pass on the compliment!


Janet from Canada

Lori said...

all your pics are great! It all looks mouth watering and appetizing. Glad to see you with us. Hope all is well on the Australian front.

Amy Lucille said...

Audax thanks for leaving a comment on my blog. I really like the idea of kangaroo, I have never tried that. I wonder if I could get it in California! Thanks again, and your Satay's look delicious.


Annelle Williams said...

Hi Audax! Thank you for stopping by my blog...I'm looking at your pictures vs mine, and there is just no comparison. Our pork satay was delicious, and very moist and juicy, but the pictures certainly don't show that. I was feeding our HUNGRY family, so didn't have time to do much with 'food styling', but the way food looks makes such a difference to the way it appeals esp. on blogs!
I really enjoy your blog, and the fantastic food!

Madeline said...

You always amaze me with your awesome completed challenges. They all look so good! I was wondering about the tofu, I think that would be really good. Very cool using kangaroo. That would be very exotic for us Canadians ;)

showfoodchef said...

Love your pics and all the variety. The one time I had Kangaroo, it was tough (a student cooked it), so I'm looking forward to trying it this way with a marinade, etc.. Thanx, also for your comments - they keep me inspired! You're always impressive.

Suzie said...

Wow - what a fantastic assortment of satays - kangaroo just never dawned on me. I have looked at your blog before but never commented (always a little intimidated by your amazing skills) - thanks for stopping by my blog. It is nice to have someone in the neighbourhood.
Suzie (in Sydney as well)

Esi said...

All of your versions look great. Kangaroo! I am very curious about that.

chef_d said...

thanks for stopping by. your selection of satay look very nice

Lovlie said...

Oh wow! You had a blast with this challenge! Mint is a good addition to the sauce, I'll try this next time! And lemongrass, that must have been fabulous! Great photos!

Schlammdackel said...

Hi Audax,

thanks for leaving such a nice comment :-) I felt ashamed when seeing all your satays, wow!!

Greetings to you and beautiful Sydney

Beliz said...

Oh my gosh, these look MOUTH-WATERING and kangaroo is actually very nice, I had it at a restaurant. LOL, I'm just 13 so really, I don't know much about food but I came across this blog. I think you should post something about duck (delicious!) if you havn't already :) Just a though, well done on the blog :)

Ninette said...

Hey Audax, thanks for stopoing by my blog. I was in your neck of the woods for the holidays -- on the Great Ocean Road, in Melbourne, and in Sydney a few days. What a lovely country you have!

Lydia Foster said...

Eating your national symbols sounds like fun!! ;-P
(And have to say it's rather delicious - have tried kangaroo here in Spain at one restaurant, but I couldn't get over how cheap it was in Oz when we were there. Even managed to convince my foodafobic Ozzie relatives to try it!)..

BTW How on earth do you find so much time to repeat the challenges in a hundred and one different ways?! You totally amaze me every month!! (while I'm writing this I see that you already have completed February's challenge!!), Saludos from Spain! Lydia

lou said...

Audax, thanks for your comment on my blog, and the advice about the blog checking line - I really had no idea what you were on about till I checked out your blog! So thanks for helping out a first-timer!

Angela said...

Thanks for making me feel better about my late post! Your satays all look delicious and I love all the additions you made, especially the fresh herbs.

Kitchen Butterfly said... How interesting!!!

Wolf said...

Ack! You need a new grill! I did mine on my grill and they were awesome}:P

Unknown said...

Great satays, Audax! Up to your usual tricks, I see! Good on you! I have something on my blog for you.

Faery said...

I forgot to tell you that this kind of food is called "pinchos" in my country.

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